Thursday, October 20, 2016

Foot & Ankle Surgery

When a patient needs foot or ankle surgery, it’s important to find an experienced foot surgeon that is well versed in this type of surgery. A Mountain View California podiatrist such as Dr. Leehsin Fang can treat a variety of treatments such as bunion correction, hammertoes, ankle fractures and reconstructive surgery, just to name a few.

More About Foot & Ankle Surgery

Some common surgical conditions include bone spurs, diabetic limb salvage, fractures, flatfoot reconstructions, ligament repair, plantar fascial release, webbed toes, tendon repair or tailor’s bunion, just to name a few. Foot and ankle surgery is a specialty of podiatry that deals with treating disorders of the foot and the ankle. It requires specific training and this makes it important to see a professional such as Dr. Leehsin Fang have these types of surgeries the most effectively.

For most podiatrist, surgery is the last option when other approaches fail to alleviate a patient’s symptoms. Orthotics, anti-inflammatories or physical therapy are all more conservative approaches to treating these types of ailments. Following surgery, a lot of these same techniques may be used as well to help a patient on their road to recovery. Physical therapy almost always is required to get them back to total function level.

When you have a long-lasting foot or ankle injury, it’s important to see a professional podiatrist. They can offer you a thorough examination, discussion of existing symptoms and medical history and offer diagnostic imaging tools to see exactly where your injury is. To schedule an appointment today with a Mountain View California podiatrist or foot surgeon, call 650-386-1328 today.